Training of personnel, adapted to global competition in the sphere of knowledge

In his address to the people of Kazakhstan, the First President, the Leader of the nation – Nursultan Nazarbayev, repeatedly spoke about the role of human capital in enhancing global competitiveness. In support of this undeniable axiom, the Foundation sets itself the task of training personnel ready for new challenges of our time. In this vein, a special role is given to supporting people who are striving for new knowledge and at the same time the Kazakh language as a means of its wide dissemination.

Kazakh language support

The foundation is working on creating educational infrastructure abroad to study the Kazakh language. In particular, this is due to:

  • creating interactive classes and distance learning;
  • development of mobile applications for learning the Kazakh language;
  • cooperation with existing cultural centers abroad

In this case, the content itself is formed with the participation of:

  • Presidential Foundation for the Development of the State Language;
  • Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Kazakh-Turkish lyceums, etc.

and by:

  • creating an online platform for teachers of the Kazakh language;
  • development of teaching aids for teaching the Kazakh language to ethnic Kazakhs;
  • the formation of educational material in the humanitarian field;
  • organization of preparatory courses for teachers of the Kazakh language among the members of diasporas.