Diasporal Policy

Studying diasporal problems and conducting relevant analytical studies are one of the priority areas of the Foundations's activities. This measure is necessary for the development of new proposals for improving the diasporal policy and applying the best international practices that are already implemented in this matter. The work is carried out in two directions and covers countries where there is a high concentration of Kazakhs, thus the best research practice is demonstrated.

The study of diasporal problems:

(6 countries were covered: Russia, China, Mongolia, USA, Uzbekistan and France)


  • studies of diasporal problems are being conducted;
  • studying the problems of the Kazakh diasporas is being conducted;
  • targeted expert studies are conducted and field surveys are conducted in focus groups;
  • final analytical materials are published;
  • recommendations on the formation of the state diasporal policy are being developed.

Study of experience in working with diasporas:

(7 countries were covered: Russia, China, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Armenia, South Korea)


  • studying international experience in working with diasporas is being conducted;
  • agreements (memorandums) are concluded with international partners;
  • the experience of supporting compatriots is being studied;
  • studying the practice of facilitating the return to the historical homeland is being reviewed;
  • proposals are being developed to improve the current legislation.

As the result, the following recommendations will be made on:

  • The mechanisms of resettlement in Kazakhstan of ethnic Kazakhs by country of residence;
  • Support and adaptation of arrived returnees;
  • Providing support to ethnic Kazakhs abroad in the context of countries;
  • Proposals for the draft state program of the diasporal policy and law (introduction of the “Kazakh map”).

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